Design logo start at 3500 Baht
adjust 5 times

  • Send email to with this details
    • Your name and phone number
    • url or file of example logo in style that you want
    • More information about logo such as color image text or any details you want
  • Wait for confirm email from Lullar
  • Transfer 2000 Baht
  • Send email confirm of transfer
  • Receive 5 designed logos in 3 days
  • Choose 1 or more logos that you prefer, if you still not like you can contact for improvement to 3 times
  • After you approve the final logo, please transfer 1500 Baht
  • Send email confirm of transfer
  • Receive logo via email in 3 days. You will get or Logo.psd and Logo.jpg

  • Kasikorn Bank 072-2-02791-4 PIRIYA T.
Confirm transfer
  • Please define 1.your name 2.amount 4.time 5.From A/C 6.Record No. (Seq No.) or scan/photo of Slip ATM
  • After logo finish receive black-white logo
    Free logo in any color tones you want

Logos from Lullar

some logoes are copyrights already

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